Covenant Partner Information


Picture of Apostle DrightHistory of Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic International Ministries




The name of this ministry, Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic Church (JCTREC)

was given to Apostle, Dr. Charles J. Dright, (founder and pastor) by

the Holy Spirit of God.  He was told that Jesus is the Rock, the foundation

upon which this ministry will stand.  The Holy Spirit said Evangelistic Church,

because he said this ministries primary mission is evangelism, to train the people,

locally, nationally and internationally to be soul winners, to come out of the four

walls of the church.  Apostle Charles Dright has been called not only to his local

church, but also to the entire world, he has received his PH.D in the area of

Philosophy/Psychology and Counseling.  Apostle Dright and his wife,

Evangelist Sheila has a soul winning heart to tell others about the freedom and

joy that knowing Jesus brings, not only to them but also to their entire family. 

 We at JCTREC are committed to “Go ye into all the world and preach the

Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).” Through television radio and short-wave

(broadcasting since 1992), street and tent evangelism, feeding and clothing the

homeless in the streets and the park, revival meetings,  JCTREC is continuing to

spread the Good News of how “God so loved the world that He gave His only

begotten Son, that whosoever shall believeth in Him should not Perish but have

everlasting life (John 3:16).” 

Apostle Charles J. Dright has one goal: To share God's message of salvation

through Jesus Christ to the entire world. We want everyone to have an opportunity

to know the real Jesus Christ (Savior and Lord, King of kings and Lord of lords). 

At JCTREC, we're committed to preaching the Word of God uncompromising, in

love, pure and simple, just like Jesus did when he walked the earth.   We are

proud to have one vision, one goal, one mission World Evangelism.  It's our

passion! and, we invite you to join with us and make it your passion too by

becoming a covenant partner with this ministry.

What is a Covenant Partner

A Covenant Partner is someone who has prayerfully decided to “go the extra mile”

by making a faithful monthly contribution (which is tax deductible) to this

ministry, whatsoever amount the Holy Spirit has placed in your heart for the

ongoing cost of our outreach ministries, feeding the homeless, radio and

television locally and internationally.  Our Covenant Partners goes beyond

financially supporting the work of ministry, but they also pray for the ministry.


What is our Commitment to You

In return for this commitment, love and support, you can be sure that someone is

praying for you every day of the week.  Each week particularly we have a

special time of intercessory prayer, where all the saint are gathered together

on one accord in prayer, and you and your family are corporately lifted up to

Almighty God. We want you so blessed, so healthy, so full of the Holy Spirit and

strong in faith, that everywhere you go people ask you what is the secret to your

success.  After all, you are our Partners! We want the very best God has for YOU!

according to 3 John 2 – Beloved, above all things I wish that you would prosper

and be in heath, even as your soul prospers.  Each month you will receive a

teaching tape to help you on your Christian journey.  You will also find out the

latest ministry news, prayer request and praise reports!  Also as a Covenant

Partner, we offer our ministry products to you at special discount.  Always

remember we are always here for you, feel free to call our 24 hour toll free

number anytime you need prayer (504-897-2530) or 1-888-855-2530.

How do I become a Partner with your Ministry

Simply E-mail us at or contact us by phone or mail and

let us know you are interested in becoming a Covenant Partner with this ministry,

and we will promptly email or mail you your form to complete and return and

we will send you your welcome packet..