Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic

International Ministries



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New Orleans, LA 70113-3218

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New Orleans, LA 70113-3218


2834 Second Street;

New Orleans, LA   70113

(1 block off S. Claiborne Ave.)







 is currently under renovations, services

Are being held in the Woodmere Subdivision

at 2316 Alex Kornman Blvd. in

Harvey, LA  70058.

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Services are below


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Map of 2316 Alex Kornman Blvd
Harvey, LA 70058-2204


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Directions to 2316 Alex Kornman Blvd
Harvey, LA 70058-2204


Sunday Services

Sunday Worship Praise and Service

10:30 a.m.

4th Sundays Prophet Joshua M. Dright Ministers

7:00 p.m.



Tuesdays Intercessory Prayer – 7:00 p.m.

(Come expecting to be touched by the Holy Spirit)


Thursdays - Revelational Bible Study – 7:00 p.m.

(Feel free to bring your questions)
















Praise and Worship have a high priority at

Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic Church. 

Praise is telling God how we feel about him,

thanking him for all his many blessings. 

Worship is showing God how we feel about Him; it is a vital

part of a believer’s experience in Christ. 

Whenever we gather in the house of the Lord, our primary focus

is not on ourselves but on our Lord. 

We join together to exalt Him, lifting our voices in praise to the

One who gives us life in all its fullness.


We recognize that you may not be familiar with some of the

ways we worship at J.C.T.R.E.C

Here are the biblical reasons why we worship the way we do.

We lift up our hands...Psalm 134:2
 We clap our hand...........Psalm 47:1
We sing unto the Lord...Psalm 98:4

We sing unto the Lord…Psalm 98:4

We dance in the spirit…. Psalm 149:3

We pray and sing in the spirit…I Cor. 14:15

We allow the spiritual gifts to be manifested... I Cor 14:26




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