Pictures of events while attending the

Pastor’s Conference

held in Washington, D.C.

May 10-12, 2004, sponsored by the

Family Research Council, Tony Perkins

Apostle/Dr. Charles Dright and

Prophet Joshua Dright prayed

for our legislative leaders.


Visit Senator’s Sam Brownback Website


Visit Congressman’s Vitter’s Website


Met with Congressman Jefferson’s Assistant





Prophet Joshua and Apostle Charles in front of the White House






 Apostle/Dr. Charles J. Dright goes to

                          Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.


Wednesday night, November 12th, while most of America

slept, Dr. Dright was invited by Tony Perkins, president

of the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C.;

founded by Dr. James Dobson; along with many other pastors from Louisiana,

Arkansas, New Jersey and Virginia including representatives from the faith

community, stood in the gap during the Senate's 30-hour debate on President

Bush's judicial nominees and many others faith-based issues.

Circle of Prayer with Dr. Dright, Tony Perkins, the FRC President,

staff members, and pastors gather with Senate Majority Leader

Bill Frist in his office at the Capitol to pray before the event.













Apostle, Dr. Charles Dright met with

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist prior the event







































Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and 

Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council (FRC), 

Tony Perkins is the main gatekeeper in Washington, D.C. for family values,

the main purpose of the organization is defending families, faith and freedom.

Click here to go to the FRC website.

Click here to go to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist website.

















Sitting and standing around the conference table of

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist

Dr. Charles Dright, Tony Perkins and others who where in attendance.















Apostle/Dr. Charles Dright met with David Barton,

the founder and president of Wallbuilders,

his motto is rebuilding the constitutional, moral and

religious heritage of America.  Click here to view his website.















At the White House Conference Center Dr. Charles J. Dright,

met and prayed for Tim Goeglein, Special Assistant to the

President of the United States, President George Bush

he is also the Deputy Director of the

White House Office of Public Liaison















FRC Press conference for the Justice for Judges Marathon

 early Thursday, November 13, 2003

from  3:30AM - 4:30AM

in the Mansfield Room at the U.S. Capitol Building




























Apostle/Dr. Charles J. Dright is getting ready to go

into the Family Research Council Conference Room

Click here to know more about FRC






















Dr. Charles J. Dright in the Conference Room at the Family Research Council,

Located on 801 G Street, NW; Washington, D.C. 20001

 Tel: 202/393-2100; Fax: 202/393-2134








































The White House Conference Center where Apostle/Dr. Charles Dright

met and prayed for Tim Goeglein,

Special Assistant to President George Bush and the

Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison
















Evangelist Sheila and Apostle Dright at the U.S. Capitol in the Rotunda,

Which is a circular room 96 feet in diameter and 180 feet in height.














Apostle/Dr. Charles J. Dright on the plane headed to Washington, D.C.















Apostle/Dr. Charles J. Dright on the plane

headed back to New Orleans, LA – Job Well Done

















Ministered To The Youth ranging from ages 11-18 at the

 Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center - click here

in Houma, LA















Apostle Charles Dright, Prophet Joshua & Mr. Benjamin Meyers















Sis. Tamara Thorpe - Age 17 ministered to the youth in poetry

and Sis. Latoya White – Age 17 ministered in song.




Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic Members
at the prayer meeting held at the Armstrong Park
September 2003, to pray against
the Southern Decadence Homosexual Festival.




Members of Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic Ministries










Governor Mike Foster and Prophet Joshua Dright – Age 12

at the Governor’s Mansion



Praying at the State Capitol Building

in Baton Rouge, LA to overturn ungodly bills.

         Evg. Barbara/Deacon Daniel/Prophet Joshua/Apostle Dright/Evg. Gill


Pastor Charles and Prophet Joshua Dright

Feeding the Homeless

Feeding the homeless is dear to the heart of Jesus,

he said when you feed the homeless you are feeding him.

We have a great time feeding and ministering to the homeless,

if you desire to come with us check the “Calendar of Events”

and see the dates we will be going out again.

If you desire to donate food or monies to feed the homeless

feel free to send you tax deductible donations.

































Deacon Joseph and Msnry. Kim ministering.





In front of the Causeway Abortion Clinic in Metairie

Or shall I call it the “Causeway Murder Mill”


If you have had an abortion God can and will forgive you,

just call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.  Go to

the testimony section and give say the prayer of repentance.




















Jesus Christ the Rock Evangelistic Ministries

Members praying and marching for the lives

of the unborn and aborted babies.


















   Prophet Joshua Dright

   Age 11 praying for the

   Lives of unborn babies.











                                   This is a picture of an aborted baby.




















































Apostle Dright and other Christians marching and

praying for the lives of the unborn children.



Evg. Gregory and others Christians marching



















Prophet Joshua Dright, age 10 praying for God to save the unborn babies.




In front of the Court Building, praying

For the choose to life license plates




















Prophet Joshua Dright and Deacon Daniel Moses

holding the “Choose Life License Plate”sign.






























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